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Bernoulli prides himself on empowering individuals by creating a special moment in time. This has the ability to manifest itself in a number of ways, but his primary goal is always to touch the lives of others. Bernard Lazarus Lieberman, the man behind all the madness, is a corporate entertainer.

Through the phenomenon of mentalism, illusion, and some light-hearted comedy, Bernoulli forms a bond with his audience that mesmerizes and confounds. Bear witness to a true up-and-coming spectacle in the realm of magic and entertainment.

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Strolling Entertainment

Strolling magic is a highly interactive form of magic that Bernoulli specializes in. You and your guests can unwind and watch as this true entertainer performs close-up illusions that will have everyone reminiscing for weeks to come.

Stage/Parlour Entertainment

In Bernoulli’s stage performance, volunteers from the audience help unfold some of the greatest mysteries known to man in a spectacular moment in time you and your guests will never forget. The mysteries Bernoulli has crafted for his performance promise you one of the most peculiar, yet refined shows on Earth.


People often hire Bernoulli to perform both strolling entertainment and a stage show for a truly unique experience.


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You and your guests will have an incredible experience as you partake in some of the most eventful and head-turning magic of the century. Please be prepared to embark on a journey transcending the realm of possibility and turning dreams into realities.


Bernard Lazarus Lieberman (Bernoulli) is a close-up illusionist and mentalist from Miami, FL. He was raised in Philadelphia, PA where he was inspired and impacted by several incredible individuals in magic. He decided to perform and make a full-time career out of magic, mystery, and entertainment at the age of twenty-two. Through a lifetime of difficult decisions, one man’s brilliance is always able to shine through.